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Shopping for your horse has never been easier with a great range of products and the expertise & knowledge of our team. We have a fully trained riding hat specialist to help you find the right hat and fit it for you in store.

Equestrian Clothing


IN STORE - HyVIZ reflective safety clothing and accessories.

We're pleased to now have a selected range of HyVIZ rider & horse safety clothing and accessories. 

Be bright and stay in sight. Regardless of the time of year or day, hi vis clothing is essential to help you stay seen whilst out riding. Many people think hi vis clothing only needs to be worn if riding on the roads however hi vis clothing should be worn whenever you are riding even if you are on moors or bridlepaths.

Wearing hi vis will certainly increases your chance of being seen. The British Horse Society have run several campaigns to help to raise awareness amongst horse riders and the general public. The BHS found that hi vis can give motorists an extra 3 seconds to react which is the equivalent of a car travelling the distance of a standard size dressage arena when doing 30 mph.

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