PowerGard is John Deere's extended protection coverage options for a range of agricultural and commertial turf machinery and can only be taken out with a maintenance plan in place.

Investing in PowerGard puts you in control. The extent to which you operate your machine and market fluctuations can significantly influence maintenance and repair costs. Investing in PowerGard maintenance and protection packages keeps your machine running in peak performance ensuring reduced downtime. Three fixed rate packages provide increasingly comprehensive levels of coverage to give you the option which is best for you:

Maintenance: Lets you focus on using your equipment, while we focus on maintaining it:

  • Ensures peak performance
  • Helps control operating costs
  • Reduces downtime risk
  • Improves re-sale value
  • Eliminates stress for you

Two levels of PowerGard Protection are available: PowerGard Protection for basic cover, or upgrade to PowerGard Protection Plus for comprehensive peace of mind.

PowerGard Table


Recently John Deere has promised its customers a 4 year PowerGard protection and 4 year finance on all 6 series tractors up to their latest 8R.

When your equipment is protected by a PowerGard Protection Plan, your business has the steady machine uptime and nonstop peak performance it needs to thrive.