Tilly Your Trailer - Get Your Trailer Tested!

We're proud to support the Tilly your Trailer Campaign (Trailer Inspection, Life-Saving Legislation Yearly) and be the first approved dealer in the South West where you can get your trailers Tilly tested.

Tilly Your TrailerThis life-saving inspection ensures all agricultural trailers perform reliably, efficiently and more importantly safely!

Trailers which have been checked and serviced by one of our qualified technicians are given a distinctive sticker so drivers know the equipment is safe.

It is a legal requirement under PUWER 98 regulations for an employer to maintain, with records, all trailers in a road worthy condition. Get the test that is thorough and you know has been carried out professionally, get your trailer Tilly tested!

Tilly your Trailer. Don't just think it's safe, know it is safe!

Contact us to book your Tilly Trailer test at your local Masons Kings store.

Annual checks are great but you should be checking your trailer daily.

Tilly have created an 18 point checklist which farmers and drivers should carry out before they consider towing a trailer:

1. Check TRAILER lights are functioning correctly.
2. Check tyres have legal tread depth, no cuts, bulges, or cord/thread showing.
3. Check towing eye thickness. 
4. Check suspended draw bar U bolts &springs if applicable
5. Check drawbar & chassis for cracks.
6. Check Axle springs and U bolts including rocking beams if applicable.
7. Check all pins & bushes.
8. Check the ram seals.
9. Check all hydraulic pipes, connectors & air lines for cuts, chafing & leaks. 
10. Check brake shoes and shoe springs for adjustment.
11. Check brake drums for excessive wear, grooves and thickness.
12. Check wheels studs & nuts. 
13. Check there are no structural cracks or holes by raising the tipping bed if applicable. 
14. Check the tailgate is secure & is not leaking. 
15. Check the hand/park brake and cable.
16. Check the appropriate stand is in good working order.
17. Check wheel bearings for wear if necessary clean and re-pack.
18. Check all grease points are made serviceable.

For more information visit www.tillypass.co.uk

Tilly Your Trailer