Compact Tractors

1 Series

Designed for confined areas
Comfortable operator station
Fast and easy implement changeover

2 Series

25 to 36 HP (18 to 26 kW)
Easy to use and maneuver
Liquid-cooled diesel engine
4 wheel-drive
Lifting and towing hitches
Comfortguard cab

3 Series

36 to 44 HP (26 to 32 kW)
Effortless twin touch pedals
Lifting and towing hitches
4 wheel-drive
Comfortguard cab

4 Series

49 to 65 HP (36 to 48 kW)
Large chassis
Hitch assist
Powerful hydraulics
Comfortguard cab


Best suited to small holdings or larger gardens for everyday tasks such as lawn cutting, small lifting, loading, tillage and many other tasks. There are plenty of machinery attachments available too including link boxes, rollers, yard scrapers, log splitters and saws.


Compact tractors are a more manageable size than our larger tractor ranges. They have great maneuverability and turning circle.


John Deere is renowned for its superior build quality and unmatched reputation. Their compact tractors are designed for customers who desire power & productivity without making compromises on quality, versatility and cost-efficiency. The support provided by Masons Kings as a John Deere dealers is second to none so you can purchase a tractor safe in the knowledge you will receive the best product support around. They also have fantastic re-sale value so when you are thinking about upgrading you have the peace of mind your John Deere tractor will hold its value.


These machines are great multi-taskers with a wide variety of features available. 4 wheel drive and power steering come as standard allowing for excellent maneuverability & easy operation. 3 point linkage allows all attachments to be used from any brands. All models come with a choice of transmissions with twin touch pedals for ease of use and precise operation. Comfortable cab or OOS (open operator station) keep drivers content during short or long journeys.


Roll over protection structure fitted to all cabs for complete protection if the machinery tips. Non cab machinery is fitted with a roll bar for driver protection. Seat belts fitted to all our tractors as standard and exclusively with our compact tractors if the driver gets out the seat when left in gear the engine will switch off.