Cylinder Sharpening

We've invested in new machinery from world leaders in the industry Bernhard and Company Limited.

Our new machinery along with our team’s expertise allows us to offer the best cylinder sharpening services to our customers. 

Cylinder Sharp Images


What can we help with?:

  • Sharpening all popular machinery blades
  • Straight line grind of bed knives up to 40" long at any specified angle
  • Reel blade sharpening up to 36" long
  • Wood chipper blade sharpening to the specified manufacturer angle

Check out our packages below for more details!


Our new precision machines sharpen all popular machinery blades so we can now straight line grind bed knives up to 40” long at any specified angle and have capabilities for reel blade sharpening up to 36” long.

  • Fairway mowersMachinery
  • Hard cylinder mowers
  • Greens mowers
  • Triple reel mowers
  • Commercial cylinder mowers
  • Wood Chippers

Can't get to us? 

No problem, we can collect and return your machine to you!

We have a team of 42 technicians with vans who can collect your machine, bring it to our Chudleigh depot for a cylinder sharpening package and return it to you.

Just let us know when and where and we'll let you know the cost.

Booking in a large number of units?

Book in more than 12 units and receive discount. Contact your local depot for details.