NSTS Sprayer Testing

We are proud to be an official National Sprayer Testing Scheme centre. Our fully qualified examiners  take on board economic, environmental and compliance issues to deliver this national standard for fertiliser spreader tests. The spreader testing protocol ensures all spreaders; disc, boom and pendulum, are tested to the same exacting standard. 

The full test consists of 47 test items, the first 30 of which must be satisfied to receive a pass certificate. The subsequent 10 are advisory and the final 7 are optional test elements.

This comprehensive test covers all the application components of the sprayer to ensure the machine is working correctly and efficiently with further considerations of safety for the sprayer operative and the environment.

Major components of the sprayer tested include control systems, hoses and pipework, nozzles and nozzle control systems, filters, pumps, tank, chemical induction systems and booms. In addition it is recommended that computer control systems are checked to maximize efficiency and to satisfy the calibration element of crop assurance schemes.

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